Thursday, March 21, 2013

Naptime Monster

I really think we have the best baby in the world.  She has been sleeping through the night for quite some time now, she is usually very happy and content, doesn't require much but the usual eating, diaper change situation.  At 7pm on the dot every night she is ready for bed, we do her nighttime routine, lay her down and have the rest of the evening to ourselves, she's up at 5, eats, back down for 2 or 3 more hours.  She really is the best baby...except at nap time.

Something happens at nap time, someone comes and replaces my sweet innocent baby girl with a crazy screaming monster.  Little Miss has never been much of a crier, she usually yells intermittently to register her displeasure at something.  But at nap times girlfriend can go the distance.  We've had some pretty serious battles here, and she plays to win.  As I write this she is sleeping in her swing, because sometimes mommy loses.  It's very obvious when it's nap time and she needs sleep, and if she sleeps well during the day, she sleeps better at night, that whole sleep begets sleep thing.  She is a classic "if I sleep for 5 minutes and wake up I'm convinced that was a pretty solid nap" baby.  But even getting 5 minutes can be hard.  And I want her to nap in her crib.  I need her nap times to get things done, like, laundry, cleaning, sitting and drinking a cup of coffee in peace...maybe.  So I don't want to get into the "I only nap if mommy's holding me or we're in the car" routine (clearly I'm probably the meanest mom out there)...  So anyway, our sleep battles are for naps, and sometimes she wins and gets to sleep in her swing.  

But in all honesty, as absolutely crazy as it makes me, I am thankful that Matt and I get to sleep all night, and I can only be annoyed for so long since she is so stinkin' cute, and when she does nap and I go in to get her I am greeted with huge smiles and coos and just the most joyful little baby you could imagine.  So in spite of her craziness when it comes to daytime sleeping, I say we got a good one!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Of Avacadoes and Overalls

I made my first trip to Goodwill the other day.  Thrift stores scare me because I hate shopping, so sorting through racks and racks of clothes to maybe find a couple of items is one of my worst nightmares.  But then I had a baby who grows like a weed and it much too tall for all the seasonal clothes I have for her, and the clothes I do have that might fit are all little rompers for off we went.

It wasn't that helped that Little Miss took her really, really long 2 hour nap for the day while we were on this trip.  I got 6 pairs of pants for her, which was really why we went.  Today she wore the overalls, which are so cute, and also make her look like a toddler.  When I bought them I figured they were going to be too big looking at them....but they just barely fit!  I cannot believe how tall this child is, it is ridiculous!  I think the other pants I got for her are longer, but we'll see.  I'm very glad I spent less than $1 a pair at Goodwill rather than going to Target and spending $30 for all of them.

We have started big girl food!  The last week Little Miss has been very, very interested when mommy and daddy are eating.  She get's what Matt and I call her "NoodleBug" Face.  Don't ask why we call it that we just do.  She's made this face since she was born, and she usually makes it when there is something new or interesting that she is very curious about.  We've been getting the NoodleBug face while eating.  We set up her highchair a few days ago and she sat at us with some toys at dinner but rather than play she was intrigued by us eating the whole time, so I decided it was time.  I went and got her some rice cereal today and a couple of avacadoes.  Here's some shots from the adventure.

Well, not too surprising she was waay more interested in watching us eat rather than eating herself. 

She is starting to get a little bit better with it.  We are mostly settled in the new house, have been super busy transitioning lately, hence the non-blog.  But we can't wait for the spring weather to get here!

And here is what daddy is greeted with everynight when he gets home:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The move has happened.  We are absolutely loving being in our new townhouse....we have so much more space than we are used to, and it is so cute.  The Lord really blessed us and gave us exactly what we were looking for!  The kitchen and main level are done, just the rest of house to go!  Little Miss has done really, really well with the move and adjusting.  Yesterday was hard, but I'm chalking that up to missing the morning nap to get 3 shots at the doctor.

As long as Little Miss has one of her quilts and some toys on the floor she'll be happy.  And to sleep her bed, her owls, and her purple blanket (which also weirdly has owls on it, I didn't notice it until a couple weeks ago), she is good to go.  These last 2 weeks I have been more thankful than ever to have such a laid back baby!

We did manage to get her 4 month pictures done the day before we moved, pleased excuse the mess in the background.

We had some really funny pictures, it was the first time she was very excited and curious about the piece of paper that mommy gave her so she spent some time trying to figure that out.  She is also starting to sit up with support for a bit but then starts to fall over, so this was quite a funny photo sesh.

Someday when we have things a little more settled I'll post some pictures of the house and neighborhood, it's so cute......but I keep asking Maggie to get moving on the huge walk-in closet and bathroom organization, but she's taking her sweet time with it, so until we get things a bit more settled, pictures will have to wait!