Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is a picture of the creepiest looking childrens toy ever created....

There are 3 of these.  I think they are incredibly creepy and weird looking.   NoodleBug currently sleeps in her pac'n'play, when we move in 2 months we'll be getting her a more permanent bed.  When I first unpacked and set up said device, I saw that it came with owls.  Matt and I looked at them and started laughing about how horribly awful they are, how no child would ever like them, and how they would probably cause nightmares.

Then she saw them, and it was love at first joke. 

Below are a series of pictures taken at various times as she lays there and chats it up with her best buds....anytime she is fussy and having a hard day, put her down, give her a passy, and in 2 seconds she's laughing and smiling at her owls.

Like I said, girlfriend loves these things, she isn't smiling at me in any of these.  I have to sneak in and take the pictures because if she sees me and I interrupt her she goes deadpan and will not smile.  I'll be up for a half hour and think she's still sleeping, peak to check on her, and she's laying there staring contently at the owls.  I may have to figure out a way to rig these things to her crib when we get one.  We've tried replacing the owls with different toys, but no good.  I hope one day when she's older and we show her the owl she'll appreciate how funny it is that she was in love with them.

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