Monday, February 11, 2013

Balemtimes Day

The Hubs and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day.  Not our thing.  We started dating in February and he had no interest in being the cheesy guy who asked me out on said day, assuming correctly that I probably would have said no if he had, and since then it hasn't been a big deal for us.  We just feel like we don't need a commercialized day to show our love and appreciation for each other.

But, we do celebrate Balemtimes Day.  One year the hubby decided he was going to get me Valentine's Day on February 7 he came home with a dozen yellow roses, which are my favorite.  Now, I thought he was being super thoughtful, we moved that year on February 14 so my thought was, "Oh, he decided to get me flowers this year and decided that since we're moving he'd get them this week, he also probably saved a lot of money doing that....", that sounds terrible, but our life usually revolves around a very tight budget.

I found out not long after that my dear hubby had thought that Valentine's Day was February 7.  We both had a good laugh at that and somehow started calling it Balemtimes Day.  We still don't really "celebrate"; to us it usually entails me making a nice dinner or dessert and having a bottle of wine together, and that's about it.  This year, in honor of Balemtimes Day I made these brownies, partly to celebrate the day but mostly because Little Miss is teething and mommy needed a quick "lick the bowl" chocolate fix to help get through the day.  Then I was feeling really inspired and made this sauce and dumped it over the top.

First, make the sauce, I've been using a spoon to eat it (it made waaay more than I needed for the brownies) and I'm convinced it would make shoe leather taste good, I seriously considered putting it on my oatmeal this morning, but I refrained....but combined with the gooey brownies it was a heavenly combination, and good enough that I decided it warranted being the official Balemtimes Day dessert.  Had I been thinking and not stuffing my face I would have taken a picture of them....they were awesome.

I do think however our attitude may change now that we have Little Miss.  One of my favorite parts of Valentine's Day used to be waking up to a little box of chocolates in our cereal bowls, nothing huge just a little treat from Mom and Dad to show that they loved us.  And also, since glitter is my hubbys FAVORITE thing (note sarcasm), I'm looking forward to many Little Miss and Mommy crafting moments in the future of glittery Valentine's for Daddy ;-)

Favorite time of the day:
Bathtime with daddy!

Things she hates, kisses on the cheek (this is actually one of the nicest faces she's made for that event):

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